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From: Michael Thomas
Subject: Your Ultimate Cruise Vacation For Less!

Dear Friend,

Are you planning to take a cruise liner for your next vacation? If so, this will be the most important letter you ever read!

Cruises are increasingly popular throughout the world. Taking a cruise liner can be one of the most extravagant ways that you can take a vacation with your spouse or the entire family.

Recent studies conducted by the AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) shows that cruise vacations have become one of the most popular getaways for American family.

A lot of people like the idea that when you pay for a cruise it includes everything, from food, room to entertainment all in one price. Whatever you are looking for on a cruise liner, there is no way you can forget this kind of excitement!


The fun usually ends when people return home. And believe me, you too won't like the view on your bills. Here's the truth...

"Most People Who Went On Cruises Ended Up Spending Hundreds of Dollars For Nothing!"

And I was one of them.

Yes, a cruise vacation can become a very expensive vacation. There can be a lot of extra expenses that can add up pretty fast.

I did my homework right after my vacation was over. Big mistake. I know I should've done some research before I go to that travel agent. I'm tired seeing a lot of people unaware of this problem and being taken advantage of, so I decided to do something about it.

I decided to write a guidebook so now you don't have to repeat my mistake...


'Wait - Don't Forget About Your...'
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This 5 part ecourse goes into showing you how to maximize your preparedness, the types cruises to avoid, and much more!  There is no obligation and will be offered for a limited time only...

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TheUltimate Cruise Vacation Guide

"Now You Can Enjoy As Many Luxurious Cruise Vacation As You Want Without Spending A Fortune!"

The Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide

Everything I’ve learned has helped me to get more out of every cruise vacation – in terms of both pleasure while on board and having the ability to save enough money to be well on my way for a second and third cruise vacation!

Unlike any other travel guides that you can read easily in any bookstore in town, this book covers everything that you need to know about cruise vacation from A to Z.

Not only will you find the latest tips and tricks from an insider (the crew from the cruise company), but you'll also find some practical information to help you become more aware of what to do once you’re on board, how to keep in touch with family at home, getting some fancy freebies, proper tipping procedures, which cruise plan to follow and many more!

All this without spending hours and hours digging the information on the Internet or the library. It’s all in this small, yet priceless guide book.

You'll even uncover some of the most valuable information that many travel agents and cruise companies don't want you to know!

Here's what you'll find out...

red bullet You'll find out how to plan and book the cruise on your own. It's a lot easier than you think! You'll know where to find the best deals on your cruise in no time.

red bullet  You'll find out how and where to get all the fancy freebies! They are yours 100% FREE only if you know the tricks!

red bullet  You'll find out what to prepare BEFORE you go on board and what to do AFTER you're on the cruise ship. If you fail to do this, you will ruin the entire vacation!

red bullet  Plan to have fun on the CASINO in the middle of the ocean? Why not? After all, this is a luxurious cruise that you want to enjoy once in a while, right? You'll find great tips for your wallet inside!

red bullet  You'll learn the best way to stay in touch with family at home while on your cruise. It's good to check the kids back home if you're on cruise with your spouse, but make sure you don't pay extra for this!

red bullet  You'll know what to do with the dirty clothes you amass while on board. Yes, they can be pretty annoying if you neglect them just like that!

red bullet  You'll find out what to eat, when to eat without paying the extra charges! Food can be additive, but if you don't know how to eat for FREE, then you'll be spending tons of cash!

red bullet  And many many more!

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You’ll be an instant expert on cruise getaways with this guide book. See how the sneaky cruise companies intrigue you on the extra charges for “activities” that you can smartly turn back on them and get for free or very little cost!

If you want to outsmart the travel agents and cruise companies, if you want to know each and every one of the extraordinary trick, secrets and downright sneaky ways on how you can save thousands of dollars on your next travel adventure, then you’re going to need this book right now.

All the information is in one place, right in front of your eyes, instantly available no matter where you are. All the latest tips and tricks, the unknown secrets, hot deals and comprehensive travel guide, knowledge that would take you thousands of dollars to learn on your own, everything is in this PDF document!


"Okay Michael, How Much Is This Vacation Guide Going To Cost Me?"

I think the real question is; how much this vacation guide will SAVE you?

You see, I've spent thousands of dollars to write this book because the information on this guide is very hard to come across, especially if this is your first time taking a cruise! But now, you can have a rare chance to learn from my mistakes and avoid emptying your bank account!

So here's my offer...

You can have all the information in "The Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide" for only $197 $77. This guide is all you need to give you all the excitement on board with no worries.

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If you act now, I will waive another $50 just for today!

But please remember, this is only an introductory offer, so it won't last long. I want a lot of people to get this vacation guide, use it and give me some good success stories and testimonials about how it changed their travel experience - then I'll raise the price back up to my official $77.

And to make sure you're good to go, I will even give you my...


90 Day Guarantee Seal"100% Unconditional
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!"

If for some reason, ANY reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with The Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide, simply notify me within 90 days of your purchase and I will refund your money, in full 100%, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s THREE FULL MONTHS for you to put this guide to the test. I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either start enjoying your next cruise vacation with your spouse and family or get your money back.

As simple as that.


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Wait! I'm not done yet!

I will give you three bonuses that will make your vacation even more special...


BONUS #1: Last Minute Traveler!

Last Minute Traveler

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The Secret To Unlocking The Door To Last Minute Travel Deals Has Arrived!”

If you’re a spontaneous person that likes to get away at a moment’s notice, but feel you can’t afford it, then this report will make your dream come true!

Finally, you can say goodbye to higher prices travel deals. No more pain on the wallet if you want to visit those beautiful places that you always wanted to go.

Do you want to get away from reality and refresh your mind for once in a while? Do you want to go somewhere far away and do some things that you’ve never done before? You think you don’t have enough money to do it? Think again, my friend!

With a few tips and strategies, you can have all the vacations of your dreams, even if it is at the last minute. These secrets shared in this report are a virtual goldmine for travelers!

You will discover things that you never would have thought about doing if you wanted to travel at the last minute, because now you can travel hundreds of dollars cheaper!

This report, “Last Minute Traveler - How Procrastination Can Save You Money!” will let you know all the tips and information on how you can take advantage of last minute travel deals without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re looking for an exotic vacation, a ski resort, a beach resort or just going to see some museums or exhibits at the last minute, you can do it at a price that you can afford!


BONUS #2: Holiday Plus!

Honey, make sure you don't forget your toothbrush again!

"This Is By Far The Fastest And Easiest Way To Plan Your Trips!"

Nearly everyone spends their quality time and money on holidays, yet rarely do we take the trouble to plan them properly.

We almost habitually forget to do something beforehand or fail to pack something important.

Normally, we'll not get to see and do all the things that we wanted to, simply because we don’t care to make a plan.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Holiday Plus, a quick and easy system that will help you plan all your holidays and trips!

Holiday Plus

Holiday Plus provides a selection of special forms, each specifically designed to help plan one aspect of your holidays and trips. With this simple software, you can generate as many copies of each form as you need, using the software again and again for every holiday and trip you take in the future.

You can fill in the forms on your PC, or print them out to fill in by hand if you prefer. Either way, you have a quick and easy reference to help you plan and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Planning your holidays doesn't get any easier than this!


BONUS #3: Seven Language Phrase Guides!


Seven Language Phrase Guides
This great little package of seven language phrase ebooks provides a great resource for your holidays and trips...

 Red Bullit  Learn basic conversational phrases like: 'How are you?', 'My name is', 'What is your name?', 'Do you speak English?', 'Hello', 'Goodbye', 'Please', 'Thank you', 'I don't understand', and many others in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish!

 Red Bullit  Pronunciation tables for vowels, consonants, and diphthongs in the entire 7 Languages!

 Red Bullit  Learn how to say specific words such as: Colors, Telling Time, Days of the Week, Months, plus Numbers and Counting for each language!

 Red Bullit  Learn helpful traveling phrases like how to hail a taxi cab, how to ask questions regarding bus and train travel, and great phrases to help you ask for directions for all 7 languages included!

 Red Bullit  Learn how to ask about hotel accommodations, how to order specific food and drink in a restaurant, and even questions about what types of payments are accepted in each of the 7 language mini books included!


 "Now You Have No Excuses To Postpone Your Cruise Vacation Any Longer!"

The Last Minute Traveler, the Holiday Plus software, and the Seven Language Phrase Guides, all of this valuable information is yours for ABSOLUTELY FREE when you order your copy of The Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide!

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I understand I'll be downloading the entire Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide for a tiny  one-time payment  of just    $197  $77  $27   when I act now.

This is my own Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide and it includes everything, including the Last Minute Traveler, Holiday Plus and the Seven Language Phrase Guides to help me save thousands of dollars on my next travel vacations.


I can get started now and see the results in no time from now if I apply what I discovered, and this is backed by a full 90 days100% money-back guarantee - if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time,  I'll get all my money back with no questions asked.


On that basis, let me download now before it's too late.



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Never again settle for a low standard lifestyle that keeps you trapped in the mud, away from the beautiful ocean view that surrounds you. Once you choose to join me as a cruise liner expert, you will become a fearless adventurer, geared up to explore the entire world and discover all-new ways of life.

Whether you travel alone or in a group, you will find that using The Ultimate Cruise Vacation Guide’s latest tricks, tips and techniques in your escapade will greatly expand your enjoyment like never before.

Enjoy the cruise of your life!


Michael Thomas,
A traveler and loving father

P.S.You can choose to spend loads of cash for your dream vacation, or you can choose to pay nickel and dime, yet still enjoy the luxurious cruise liner like a celebrity. The choice is yours. The point is, with this book, you never have to worry about returning home to see that outrageous credit card bill. In fact, you might want to plan your next trip right away!

P.P.S. And don't forget, there is absolutely NO RISK whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver result is entirely on me. You have 90 days to enjoy your cruise vacation. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

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